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Mayfair care Homes believes in empowering individuals to live as independently as possible. Our Supported Living program provides a safe and nurturing environment where residents receive the necessary support to manage their daily activities while enjoying a sense of freedom and autonomy.


Empowering Independence, Ensuring Comfort

Supported Living services are designed to empower individuals with various abilities and needs to live as independently as possible within a community setting. These services provide a range of supports tailored to the individual’s specific requirements, fostering a sense of autonomy, choice, and inclusion. Ideal Care Services’ Supported Living program is dedicated to creating a nurturing environment where residents receive the necessary assistance while enjoying a sense of freedom and control over their own lives.

Here are the key features and aspects of Supported Living services:

Individualized Support Plans: Each resident receives a personalized support plan, developed in collaboration with the individual, their family, and any relevant professionals. These plans outline the specific services and supports needed to promote independence and well-being.                    

Safe and Comfortable Environment: Supported Living homes are designed to provide a safe, accessible, and comfortable living space that meets the unique needs of each resident.                    

24/7 Availability of Support: Trained staff members are available around the clock to provide assistance, ensuring that residents have access to the help they need, whenever they need it.                    

Assistance with Daily Living Activities: This may include support with tasks such as meal preparation, medication management, personal hygiene, and mobility assistance.

Community Engagement: Residents are encouraged to participate in community activities and events, promoting socialization, skill-building, and a sense of belonging.                    

Encouraging Independence: Supported Living services are designed to help residents develop and maintain the skills necessary for independent living, while still providing the necessary support.                    

Advocacy and Empowerment: Staff members work as advocates for the residents, ensuring that their voices are heard, and their preferences are respected in all aspects of their lives.                    

Health and Well-being: Supported Living services may also include health monitoring, assistance with medical appointments, and guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.                    

Transition and Adjustment Support: For individuals transitioning from other living arrangements or experiencing changes in their care needs, Supported Living services provide a stable and supportive environment.                    

Access to Specialized Services: Depending on the individual’s needs, additional specialized services such as therapy, behavioural support, or medical care can be incorporated into the support plan.                    

Regular Review and Evaluation: Support plans are regularly reviewed and adjusted to ensure that they continue to meet the evolving needs and goals of the resident.                    

Respect for Choice and Dignity: Supported Living services prioritize the autonomy and dignity of each resident, allowing them to make choices about their daily routines, activities, and lifestyles.

By offering Supported Living services, Ideal Care Services aims to create a nurturing, inclusive environment where individuals can thrive, pursue their goals, and enjoy a high quality of life. These services are designed to cater to the unique abilities and aspirations of each resident, fostering a sense of belonging and independence within a supportive community.